When to check-in at Birmingham Airport.

What’s that saying, "it’s better to be too early than too late"? That couldn’t be more true than when checking in for a flight. Remember to give yourself enough time to arrive, check-in and get through security. As a guide, we recommend allowing yourself the following amount of time before your flight:

Birmingham Airport Check-In Times
International 3 hours prior to departure
European 2 hours prior to departure
Domestic 1.5 hours prior to departure

Where can I find the Check-In desks at Birmingham Airport?

Head to the Ground Floor of the check-in halls to locate the airline desks. For airlines KLM, Air France, Czech Airlines and Turkmenistan, use the desks 101 - 130 from entrance B. For all the other airlines, use the desks 1 - 82 from entrance B. Self-service check-in kiosks can also be found on Ground Floor as well as the First Floors of the check-in halls. Please note that not all airlines operate self check-in kiosks.

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