Airport Parking at Birmingham Airport

Whether you’re dropping your friends off at the terminal or jetting off yourself, we have all the information you need on parking at Birmingham Airport.

Picking Up and Dropping off passengers

Dropping Off

If you are dropping people off, you have two options; either use the dedicated Drop Off (DO) car park which is located a 5 minute walk from the terminal or in the Premium Set Down (PSD) which is conveniently located adjacent to the terminal. Be mindful however of the cost and duration difference between the two;

Duration PSD Cost
0-15 mins £3.00
15-20 mins £8.00
20-25 mins £13.00
25-30 mins £18.00
30-35 mins

35-40 mins

40-45 mins

45-50 mins

50-55 mins

55-60 mins

Pick up and Drop Off parking at Birmingham Airport
Duration DO Cost
0-30 mins Free
30-35 mins £5.00
35-40 mins £10.00
40-45 mins £15.00
45-50 mins £20.00
50-55 mins £25.00
55-60 mins £30.00
The price of the Premium Set Down Car Park increases by a further £5 every 5 minutes up until 60 minutes, when it changes to £5 for every extra 15 minutes.

Picking Up

For picking up arriving passengers, please use either Car Park 1, 2 or 3 which are all a short, 2 minute walk from the terminal building. The prices for these can be found below.

Short Stay Car Parking

Short/Medium Stay car parks 1, 2 and 3 are recommended for picking up passengers and slightly longer stays. These multi-storey car parks are located next to the terminal building and prices are the same for all three car parks. As well as these, there is also the option to use Car Park 4 which is slightly further away, but does run a courtesy shuttle bus to the terminal or you can make use of Car Park 5 which is around a 10 minute walk from the terminal. Prices for all 5 are as follows;
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Duration Cost
Up to 1 Hour £5.50
2 hours £11.20
3 hours £16.50
4 hours £22.00
Up to 24 hours £41.00*
* this is reduced to £40 for Car Park 4 and £38 for Car Park 5. Opt to Park at Car park 4 for up to 2 days for £80 and up to 3 days in Car Park 5 for £78. In addition to the above charges, if you stay longer than the time above, you will be charged £41 per day for Car Parks 1-3, £26 for Car Park 4 and £8.50 for Car Park 5. But if you pre-book your stays, you’ll be charged £18 per day at Car park 1-3, £14 at Car Park 4 and £10 per day at Car park 5.

Car Park 7

In addition to the above short stay car parks, you may also find it useful to use Car Park 7 if you’re off on a short trip as prices are for set 24 hour periods:
Duration Cost
Up to 1 day £33.00
Up to 2 days £41.50
Up to 3 days £50.00
Up to 4 days £58.50
Up to 5 days £67.00
Up to 6 days £75.50
Up to 7 days £84.00
Additional day thereafter per day £8.50
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Long Stay Parking

Long Stay car parks are ideal for stays over a week. They are located further from the terminal but still within walking distance (5-10 minutes). There is also a courtesy bus service connecting the Long Stay car parks with bus stops outside the passenger terminal.
Long stay airport parking can be booked on the day, but it is advisable to pre-book in order to secure a parking space. Booking in advance is usually more economical with most car parks offering discounts for phone and online bookings.
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