Duty Free and Tax Free

What goods can I bring in from a non-EU country?

Your allowances are:

Remember you will need to bring them in personally and they cannot be resold.

Can I mix and match the allowances?

Yes, for example you could import 100 cigarettes and 50 cigarillos - which would be 50% of your allowance of either and so be allowed. Make sure you know how much you are allowed of each item.

How about when I am arriving from an EU country?

Technically there are no limits on goods brought in from the EU, as long as you are bringing them yourself and they are strictly for personal use. However, you may well be stopped and questioned by a customs officer if you bring in more than:

EU duty free

What if I want to shop at duty free but I don’t want to take my purchases away with me?

Birmingham Airport offers Collect On Return for those travelling within the EU. You can do your shopping as normal, but you can ask the shop attendant for it to be stored whilst you are away. On your return to the airport after your trip you can pick it up, saving space in your suitcase!

Where is Duty Free located at Birmingham Airport?

There are three locations for Duty Free at Birmingham Airport. The main store is located after security and is a large walk through store, open for all flights. There is a much smaller store located after security, in South Lounge Gates 1 - 20, which is open from 4:30am to 8pm. There is also a store in arrivals, after you have gone through baggage reclaim, which is open for all flights.