Terminal merger plan at Birmingham

Birmingham Airport is planning to merge its two terminals, following a reduction in passenger numbers over the past year. The move is set to improve the customer experience and attract more people to the airport.

Passenger numbers fell by 5.5% in 2009 compared to 2008. Although last year was particularly tough for the airline industry, this was a blow to the airport and it is hoping this new move will be able to help turn things around. £13 million is to be invested in the new facility which will improve efficiency for passengers.

The work on the terminals will have many benefits for customers. It will result in a much bigger security search area, as well as a larger arrivals area for meeting and greeting. There will also be improved shopping facilities and better catering services for travellers.

This new project comes at the same time that another project is nearing completion. The authorities are in the middle of a £1.5 million project to merge the four control rooms, which should be up and running by March.

The CEO of Birmingham Airport, Paul Kehoe, said that the goal for 2010 was to “improve the passenger experience” and create a smoother journey through improving the overall efficiency of the airport. He also confirmed that £200 million would be spent over the coming decade on improving the facilities of the airport to help it double the number of passengers it can process by 2018.

Having said that, he confirmed that 2010 was likely to be another difficult year for the airline industry.

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