Ryanair blamed for job cuts

Beleaguered handling firm, Servisair, could be forced to slash sixty permanent jobs at Birmingham Airport, after cutbacks in Ryanair’s winter programme brought the firm’s business model tumbling down.

The budget airline has axed hundreds of flights over the last few months, jeopardising countless jobs, and throwing UK airports into disarray.

Workers’ union, Unite, has implored Servisair to consider other options, but with more than a fortnight of industrial action hanging over the firm, Servisair has empty pockets and little patience for conciliation.

“They are asking for volunteers first.” Unite official, John Partridge, explained; “They have looked at the programme for the winter and it is over 100 flights less than last year. People are not going to be happy.”

Baggage handlers, check-in staff, and seasonal workers will suffer the biggest job losses, Servisair has admitted.

Servisair has struggled to beat the recession, losing a major employer in Brussels Airlines, and facing vehement wage disputes from its workers.

Earlier in the month, Servisair employees organised a siege of Liverpool John Lennon Airport, demanding delivery of a pay increase.

When the handling firm refused to acquiesce to the pleas of general workers’ union, GMB, officials attempted to involve emergency personnel in the strike – a stroke that would have forced the airport to close.

Since then, Servisair has flirted with insolvency, trying its best to avert disaster, and to secure employee positions.

The loss of Ryanair services can only worsen the firm’s plight – Servisair provided a large proportion of the airline’s apron services – refuelling, baggage transport, and customer care.

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