New VIP private jet service from Birmingham

If you have ever been stuck in a queue at the airport hours ahead of departure time and eyeing, with dread, the screaming babies and wayward toddlers who are headed to the same destination as you, you may have dreamt of the day you win the lottery and can afford to fly in a private jet.

Well if your numbers come up soon and you live in the Midlands you might be interested to know that a brand new VIP private jet service is about to be launched, operating out of Birmingham airport.

Cello Aviation has spent the last year and a half preparing and the last four months fitting out the luxurious Avro Business Jet.

Last week, air charter brokers and guests, including football clubs and product launch organisers, were invited on board to see what it was all about and feedback seems to have been extremely positive.

The service is also expected to appeal to the luxury wedding market, high profile entertainers and other celebrities, blue chip companies and sports teams such as motor racing. So far interest has been shown not only by UK clients, but also by potential customers in Spain, France, Sweden and Switzerland. Tony Farmer, Cello’s marketing and sales manager, was pleased to announce that interest had exceeded all expectations.

For those of us lucky enough to be able to afford this way of flying, "VIP movement” throughout is promised so that means no annoying queues and long check-in times at the airport. Once on-board, the in-flight experience can be tailored in any way you wish and with enough notice any menu can be provided.

Since the jet is quiet and has a low carbon footprint it is capable of landing at short field regional airports in even the most environmentally sensitive areas.

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