New route from the US into Birmingham

The huge American airline US Airways hasn’t been shy of ambition throughout their seventy-year history. They currently fly to over 225 cities around the world and this month have just added another few more destinations to their list. Currently US Airways fly non-stop to London, Manchester and Glasgow. This year they will also be introducing a direct route from the US to Birmingham.

Flights will arrive in Birmingham from Philadelphia International Airport. Services will run five times a week to begin with, but if the route proves a success, there will surely be more to come in the future. The aircraft taking on the challenge is a Boeing 757 ETOPS plane, where there is room for 165 passengers in the main cabin.

There are two main flight options, going each way across the Atlantic. The first leaves Philadelphia on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, departing at just after six o’clock in the evening and arriving at Birmingham at six in the morning. It’s a little longer going back to the States from the Midlands (travellers have to take into account the fact that Philadelphia is five hours behind the UK). This service runs on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. On all of these days this flight departs from Birmingham UK at just before nine o’clock in the morning and arrives into Philly just before midday.

As a result of these routes, the airline is hoping to drum up more trade, and is looking forward to carrying passengers further afield than just internal flights at home. Later this year another two routes are being launched, one being to the Norwegian capital Oslo and the other being to Tel Aviv.

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