New poll shows Birmingham top and Luton bottom

It was good news for Birmingham airport recently after it came top in a poll carried out by Airport Transfers to see what British holidaymakers think of their airport experiences.

Almost 2,500 passengers were asked to rate various aspects of the experience, ranging from shopping opportunities to the friendliness of staff. Out of a possible 60 marks, Birmingham scored 54, with an impressive full marks for shopping experience, staff friendliness and check-in efficiency.

Cardiff took second place, bearing out the fact that travellers seem to prefer the smaller regional airports for their friendliness and efficiency. Being able to eat at an oyster bar or buy a Louis Vuitton handbag pales into insignificance if the holiday has got off to a bad start due to miserable staff, a lengthy queue at check-in or a stressful experience at security.

Luton airport, on the other hand, only managed 16 points, coming bottom of the league. And the other London airports did not fare much better: Stansted was second bottom with 20 points, Gatwick scored 26 and Heathrow 30.

It would seem that the staff at Luton could learn a thing or two from their Birmingham counterparts since they only managed a measly one point for staff friendliness. Waiting time at Luton’s security also scored badly, again managing just 1 point.

Heathrow scored top marks for shopping, but with many travellers saying they would be willing to travel more than a hundred miles in order to fly from a “decent” airport, Heathrow needs to pull its socks up.

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