Emirates boosts Dubai capacity by 22%

From the beginning of September, Middle Eastern airline Emirates will add an extra Boeing 777-300ER onto flights between Birmingham Airport and Dubai, increasing capacity on the route by 22%. The boost coincides with Emirates’ tenth year at the Midlands hub, according to airport director Martyn Lloyd.

The Boeing 777 series includes some of the largest passenger aircraft in the world. The 300ER model is a relatively new design, introduced in 2004. Its addition to the Birmingham-Dubai route will allow the airline to sell an extra 78 seats on all evening flights.

Emirates maintains both a base and a branded departure lounge at Birmingham Airport, providing business-class customers with a variety of high-class perks, such as leather seats, gourmet dining and even a shower. The 300ER aircraft also has more bells and whistles than Santa’s sleigh, including a TV with 1,200 channels.

Martyn Lloyd described the airline as a ‘vital’ component of Birmingham’s success: "Emirates now offers nearly 900 seats to Dubai, and we’re delighted that such a commitment has been shown to the Midlands by the airline." Emirates’ new Boeing 300ER is the second of two on the Birmingham-Dubai route.

In similar news, the frequency of flights between Birmingham and Cork, Ireland, will also increase from the end of October. The route, which is operated by Aer Lingus, will run twice a day, six times a week. Both the Cork and Dubai routes are being marketed at executives and rich business types.

Tickets between the Midlands and Dubai are priced at between £700 and £900pp for a return trip, taxes included. The route departs Birmingham at 1415 and 2120 each day. Prices for the Cork route vary, but a return flight leaving on the 19 July costs £118.17.

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