Brum celebrates Antalya route

The summer holiday season is incredibly important to UK airlines, and indeed, to any business with a stake in the travel or entertainment industries. New destinations appear in travel agents’ windows, vendors of beach toys spring up along the coast, and the heavy frosts stop for just a few months.

Of course, the British Airways strike and the eruption of the Eyjafjoll volcano put world airlines on the defensive, and many aviation bosses have started the summer season with a six-figure hole in their pockets. That might not be such a bad thing for travellers, however, as airlines are now desperate to fill planes with paying customers.

Birmingham Airport announced a new flight to Antalya, Turkey, just two days before Eyjafjoll blew its top in Iceland. The route, which will be operated by budget carrier, Pegasus Airways, will depart every Sunday afternoon from the 2nd May. Birmingham boss, Paul Kehoe, said the route was ideal for Brits looking to swap unpredictable weather for ‘assured sun.’

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular holiday resorts. The city enjoys panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, and sits in the shadow of the Tahtali Mountain, much loved by local climbers. Turkey’s position outside the Euro zone ensures that travellers get better value for money than they would at Spanish or French resorts, for example.

Pegasus Airways will fly from the Midlands to Turkey until the 17th October 2010. The airline claims that Antalya is set to become very popular with British travellers over the summer, and plans to fly direct to the city’s airport, which is located 8 miles to the northeast of the resort.

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