Birmingham announces stable passenger numbers

It comes as no surprise to learn that the number of passengers travelling through the major airports across the United Kingdom has fallen drastically over the past few months. After all, many of us can barely afford to keep up with the ever-increasing energy, food, and water bills and a trip abroad has thus been the last thing on many of our minds. Many families have been busy planning a Christmas break to the homes of relatives scattered across the country in preference to a winter break in the sun.

This has obviously come as bad news for the travel industry and some British airports have been very badly hit. Manchester Airport, for example, saw a drop of almost ten per cent during the month of October, and Gatwick has suffered even more, since it recently announced a drop of over ten per cent.

However, Birmingham International Airport has managed to escape this worrying trend. Passenger numbers dropped by just 0.7 per cent compared to the equivalent month last year. The business development director of the airport, Peter Vella, was very happy with the news. Furthermore, he believes that whilst the numbers for October showed a slight drop, the numbers for November were set to see a return to positive figures.

Birmingham’s continued popularity has been attributed to the airport’s reliance upon budget airlines, as well as the determination of locals to carry on travelling by air. Over the past year, Birmingham has focused upon increasing the number of routes provided by budget airlines. Ryanair, for example, now has thirty-six routes departing from Birmingham.

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