Birmingham announces plans to expand security system

The international airport at Birmingham has announced plans to expand and upgrade its security system. Hundreds of new security cameras will be installed around the airport site, to improve the level of surveillance offered by the seven hundred existing cameras.

These cameras will be state-of-the-art models and will revolve around an internet-based system. This system will allow officials at the airport to view recorded footage in proper digital quality for one month after the initial pictures have been taken.

The airport’s current cameras are based on an analogue system, which does not allow videos to be saved easily. The new models will therefore make it far easier to track individuals on archive. Furthermore, the airport has revealed that “the system will have a range of sophisticated analytic features available” for use at any time.

The announcement from the officials at Birmingham International Airport has come after a recent embarrassing breach of security. Numerous passengers were allowed to progress through immigration despite not showing passports. Approximately twenty people arrived at Birmingham from Amsterdam in the middle of October and managed to pass through the arrivals zone at the airport without being checked once. The passengers were directed through UK immigration by mistake and their passports therefore stayed firmly in their pockets.

A spokesman for the airport revealed that an investigation was being carried out but was also keen to play down the importance of the incident: “an error might have been made in applying UK immigration policy but […] this would not have compromised other security regimes”.

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