Birmingham Airport vows to go Carbon Neutral by 2033

Amid the UK’s plans to go fully carbon neutral by 2050, Birmingham Airport has recently unveiled plans to beat this target by 2033.

Since 2013 Birmingham has lowered its total emissions by 33%, but now the airport has announced that it wishes to go further and explore the possibility of having further renewable energy forms installed at the airport. In the past, the airport has overseen the installation of 200 solar panels that have the capacity to produce 40,000 kWh a year (enough for 12 average sized homes). But with these new targets, Birmingham Airport intends to increase this figure given the growing concerns regarding climate change and the Extinction Rebellion protests.

Birmingham Airport vows to go Carbon Neutral by 2033

As part of this 2033 target, Birmingham Airport have also teamed up with an organisation named Sustainable Aviation, a group whose target is to provide cleaner, quieter and smarter strategies/solutions within the world of aviation. Like the government, they are committed to heavily reducing the level of CO2 produced by air travel by 2050, while also innovating new smarter technologies that would make air travel greener and more beneficial for the economy and society as a whole. So far the organisation has reported that aircrafts are becoming 20% more efficient with every generation, with further reductions possible due to new government support.

Birmingham Airport’s CEO Nick Barton has been quoted to say, “We don’t have all the answers about how we will hit this target, but we are confident that through innovation and collaboratively working with industry, government, manufacturers, on-site partners and employees, we can reach our target by 2033”.

Birmingham Airport themselves have also stated that a 5 year plan will be published in the next month, outlining all the environmental and community impacts their sustainability strategy will have.

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