Birmingham Airport crosses the finish line first!

A huge amount of credit goes to Birmingham Airport as it has officially claimed the title of Britain’s Fastest Airport! After fighting off fierce and close competition from the likes of Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports, Skyscanner revealed that impressive 37% of passengers travelling through Birmingham Airport reached their desired gate in under 15 minutes. Top 5 were ranked as Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and Heathrow respectively. The sample taken from each airport looked at over 200 passengers travelling through the top 10 most popular UK airports.

Skyscanner’s Travel Editor Cat McGloin says: “When you consider the vastness of Heathrow you might expect that it would take a long time to reach the gate so it’s great that they were actually found to be one of the fastest airports – showing that the size does not affect efficiency.

“There are of course a number of factors that may affect the time it takes to get through the airport, including the time of day and if travelling with children."The study proved that two thirds of passengers (not using fast track) got from the point of airport entrance to the departure lounge/gate in less than 30 minutes. Furthermore 25% of those travellers made it in under 15 minutes!

An interesting takeaway from the study is that there was very little difference in terms of speed time to the desired gate between people who used fast track, and those who did not; 68% of people who used the service also made their desired gate within half an hour, almost matching the statistic and time of those who didn’t use fast track

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