Alarm, as passengers die in Birmingham

A critical lack of paramedic services at Birmingham Airport has resulted in the death of three passengers in four months, according to local newspaper, the Sunday Mercury.

The Bickenhill hub famously abandoned its contract with West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) on October 29 last year, as a round of cost-cutting exercises took place at the airport. The move, which is said to have saved Birmingham £200,000 per year, was described by a member of staff as “despicable”. Ordinary employees have been trained in basic first aid procedures to compensate for the lack of professionals at the site.

Unfortunately, as baggage handlers are unable to administer drugs to the sick and dying, people who require medical attention are being transported via ambulance to the nearby Solihull Hospital, a three-mile journey. Previously, injured passengers would have been tended to within minutes, as the WMAS were on 24-hour standby at the airport. The increased time between the onset of injury or sickness and treatment is having dire consequences for vulnerable travellers.

In February, a young man collapsed inside Birmingham’s Terminal 2. A second male, arriving on an inbound flight, was stricken with an undisclosed condition whilst passing through the airport. The third person, also a man, suffered a heart attack. Two of the three men were treated by airport staff, before being transported to hospital. All three later died. “There is a nasty, lingering feeling that perhaps one or two of those people may have lived if they had been attended to by paramedics rather than members of staff,” explained an anonymous airport worker.

Responding to the claims, a Birmingham Airport spokesman noted that all the deaths had occurred in hospital, and not on site, exonerating the hub from blame. He also said that emergency procedures in place at the hub were equal to, or better than, those used in places with a "far bigger footfall" than Birmingham Airport.

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