Living Near Birmingham Airport

Flight paths

The airport takes their corporate responsibility very seriously and care a great deal about the surrounding residents living near Birmingham Airport. As recently as November 2017, they held a consultation for proposed changes to the North (Runway 33) flight path, of which they expect a response from the CAA in the next few months.

Am I under a flight path?

Use this detailed map to see if your potential new home is under one of the flight paths of Birmingham Airport.

Night Flights

Although there is no outright ban on night flights from Birmingham Airport, they do enforce one of the UK’s strictest Night Flying policies. Restrictions on aircraft types and the number of planes flying are placed between 11:30pm and 6am.

Living near Birmingham Airport

Living near Birmingham Airport

One of the biggest draws to living in or near Birmingham is the multitude of activities and events in the area. Expect festivals, theatre, the world’s biggest dog show, fine dining, botanical gardens and much more, all within easy reach of the airport.