Foreign cash exchange

Did you know:

Changing your money at the airport or at your destination are the most expensive ways to get your foreign currency. The best way to beat this is to pre order your currency online and either collect from a local branch, or arrange to collect from an in-airport kiosk.

Cash Benefits

* 0% Commission rates offered *

* Convenient Spending Method *

* Competitive Rates when ordered online *

* Home Delivery Available *

* Fixed rate upon purchase *

Cash Drawbacks

* No section 75 purchase protection *

* Not as secure as cards *

* Travellers cheques less convenient *

Currency exchange at Birmingham Airport


ICE have 5 branches throughout Birmingham Airport, making it easy to click and collect your currency. Simply head online to pick your currency, purchase it and then opt to collect it from either:

  • Before Security: Ground Floor North check in area | Open: 4am to 9pm daily
  • Before Security: Ground Floor South check in area | Open: 6am to 6pm daily
  • Before Security: Ground Floor arrivals by car hire | Open: 6am to 11pm daily
  • After Security: Within the main Departure Lounge | Open: 4am to last flight daily
  • Baggage Reclaim where the opening times vary

Exclusive To Birmingham Airport: The ICE Escape Money Prepaid Mastercard. Simply load the card with your chosen currency and off you go! Benefit from free ATM withdrawals and no fees to pay on purchases abroad;

Currency exchange outside Birmingham Airport

These foreign currency exchange providers do not have bureau de change situated in Birmingham Airport but are popular travel money providers who can give you great rates online, and you can pick up in one of their high street branches, or some offer home delivery. You will still be better to order online from them and pick up or have the cash delivered than going to purchase the holiday cash in their branch.
Not only are they one of the World’s leading currency exchange providers, they also offer one of the best Travel Money Cards on the market. Simply load the card with one of the avaialble currencies and enjoy locked in exchange rates, 24/7 assistance, free ATM withdrawals plus extra discounts and offers for Platinium members.

Visit the Post Office for all of your travel needs! Whether it’s a new passport you want to apply for or to exchange your currency, they have you covered! Expect competitive exchange rates online and in branch and even opt for one of their prepaid Travel Money Cards onto which you can load up to 13 currencies to spend in restaurants, shops and bars abroad!