Travel Insurance Cover

Getting adequate travel insurance for your flight to or from Birmingham Airport and holiday is arguably the most important part of your trip away. It is really important to get your travel insurance policy early and choose your policy based on the level of coverage to suit your needs, as well as the cheapest price.

Travel Insurance Guide

Our Travel Insurance comparison site is a helpful, friendly and comprehensive guide which contains a world of information set out in an easy to navigate and understand way, so you can find exactly what you are looking for. It compares over 1500 policies and shows you not only the cheapest but the policies with the best cover!

There are many ways of preventing accidents and reducing the risk of something nasty happening to you whilst away. However, things do go wrong and the last thing anyone wants in a sticky situation is trouble with your insurance company.

Top Tips!

Buying travel insurance for your trip can often be quite confusing, so here are our top tips:

Check the excess!

If your policy states a high excess it may not be worth having at all as you will end up paying for claims out of your pocket.

Buy as soon as you can

Once you have booked your holiday, make your next step buying your travel insurance. This means you will then be covered for anything that may affect your trip in the lead up to departure, such as cancellations.

Declare any pre-existing medical conditions

This is very important! The insurers need to know any medical conditions you may have. This is particularly important for senior travellers.

Levels of insurance

Different levels of insurance exist for different purposes. Make sure you check what is included, as in some cases going horseback riding is excluded due to being classed as an adventure activity. There are dedicated levels of cover for adventure activities and winter sports, for example.

What cover do you need?

Are you travelling with your iPad, new camera, and phone? You might need cover large enough to cover all of these. However it is also worth checking your home insurance if you have it, as this may cover these items abroad.

Single-trip or annual?

You can get great deals on annual insurance and if you are going away more than 2 or 3 times in a year this can often be very cost effective. However, make sure you check what the maximum period you can be away for, as there is usually a limit to the length of your holiday each time. Otherwise, buying single trip insurance will be adequate.

Be honest

You do not want something to happen whilst you are abroad only to find out you are not going to be covered.

Scheduled Airline Failure Cover

If you aren’t booking a package deal make sure your insurance has scheduled airline failure cover. If a company goes bust before your trip you may not be covered!

Bring your EHIC!

This card is free and enables you to access free or discounted state provided healthcare in Europe.

Current cover

Check out your current cover arrangements. Contents insurance may give you some protection for your possessions, and if you have certain bank accounts they often include basic travel insurance too.

Types of Insurance


Insurance for one trip, on specified dates.

Annual policy

Cover for multiple trips during the year, but will depend on location and length of the trip.

Adventure Sports

Cover for more extreme sports, such as skydiving and scuba diving.

Winter sports

Skiing, snowboarding and similar sports often need their own dedicated insurance.

Backpacker/Long Stay

If you are planning on spending a particular length of time in a country or multiple countries then you will need special insurance, as policies will often limit the length of time you can stay.


Insurance catering for groups and families.